Pardon me

Erm herro? Anybody still checking this blog out (Echoes)? Yes, yes, yes... I have been hiatus for quite some time. Pardon me while I'm trying to vacuum some of the cob webs here.

Lots and lots of things to update but don't know where to start.

Lets see... my one, only one final project is due this Tuesday. I only have one written test this semester which make some people go "Oh lucky you!" and I'll be like "Err.. not that lucky". No that doesn't make me any 'luckier' when you need to memorize 8 chapters of artist name, art name and the time it was painted! Yes, the time! Oh God, thankfully done with that. I didn't know how I manage it since I'm half ADD* but I did.

In addition to that, projects came pouring in from every corner. What were due:

1. An epic drawing 4 ft by 3 ft big
2. A suit of cards in your own design based on an artist
3. A flag made out of anything. The base has to be made of wood.

1 and 3 are done, so I only need to work on number 2 now.
And with the addition of 15 hours of part time work... I AM EXHAUSTED.

What I do at home? Sleep and Eat... I don't even know I got free movie channels in the cable until Hushbie said we could watch movies on demand. It lets you play the movie anytime you want. That is a SWEET feature but nope, no time for that.

I'll hang in there. I'll post more when number 2 is done. Some art pieces coming your wayyy... now move out spideys

*ADD = Attention Deficit Disorder


janediva said...

You will get through it. You can watch movies on demand all you want during semester break :)

Anonymous said...

Jia yu! Move aside spideys, jessie's on the way to save the day!