A glutton for punishment

Jessie Jots...

So I was sitting down in front of my last class waiting for my ride, feeling appreciated for all the intensive work I've put into my projects, I was so looking forward to a warm cooked dinner with Hushbie and sister, Joey. But here I go, so what's due next? I shook my head, slapped by the reality and reassure myself, you're done for the semester! Move on!

Braving through the cold, we managed to get back in time before our tummies start growling. Let's face it, when it growls, it's no kitty growl. It's an uproar. So, I thought we still have some time to cook and so we did. I cook some prawns with Thai sauce, those filled with basil leaves, lemongrass and lots of shallots and a plain old stir-fried chinese cabbage with garlic. Served it with some white rice and some leftover fried belacan chicken, we devour dinner like there's no tomorrow.

I'm a sucker for the Real Housewives of Orange County reality show. For some reason, I find it interesting that these 40 something year old women have nothing in common but silicon boobs and their worships for branded items. And I still like to watch it. We watch it that Tuesday night after our dinner and had our most awaited dessert on the coffee table - the Chocolate Fondue!! :) We set up the little warmer container with some chopped fruits and marshmallows on the side. And as we dig in, Jessie and Joey sinked onto the couch, sighing in satisfaction. Hushbie came in with nowhere to sit as I cat-stretch all the way through the three seater couch, still managed to get some marshmallows dipped here and there and got away happily.

Later that night, I felt awful out of a sudden. Though with all the food, I strongly believe I should be impeccable. After all, it wasn't that I do it every night. It felt like indigestion but I didn't think I had too much gluten. Hushbie advice got me to go to bed early, hopefully the pain will subside but I got up at about 2am, feeling like crap and was ready to puke. And I did, a couple of times. Nothing much came out and continue to feel terrible.

Morning came and not like I felt any better, I called Su Ying to remind her how old she was. She was leaving to an Indonesian vacation the next day, traveling solo and I, in total awe, couldn't catch her in a better time to wish her just "enjoy your trip!". After that, I thought I was better, but I clearly wasn't. Stomach and head continues to ache. I drank a hot cup of Milo and still couldn't digest it. Couldn't even digest some water. I didn't have anything until dinner, when Hushbie came back from work to save the day. He made me a cup of Kombucha tea and thank GOD that saved me out of my day-long misery. I swore by Kombucha tea and it totally slipped off my mind that I still had in my pantry. When you're sick, you're sick, I guess.

So first day of holiday was that. Good day to get sick I guess, that way you don't have to feel guilty for not making to class. Although I do feel guilty for not making to Pat's farewell lunch party. But I'll send her a card. Now I'm feeling so much better, the after effect of too much regurgitation has taken its toll. Nevertheless, I'll spring back to myself within a few days and will make sure to post happier notes.

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janediva said...

Poor Jessie. Glad you're feeling better. Merry Christmas my dear friend :) Send my regards to your Hushbie and Joey too.