You guys know when I'm busy right? When I don't posting anything! Haha!

Please allow me to be a dutiful daughter-in-law? Sometimes I also feel like I'm curse to be the best hostess that is out there; making sure my guests feel most comfortable in my home is an obligation. Thus the lack of time to blog.

But being away from the blogosphere for a bit is a good thing in a way, not too often however - we've got more things done than we've had in the past month. Every part of Seventy-Seven's floor is now covered with wood! The stairs is done and the slippers are now officially off from the house, hence dust free. I can't take credit for it though. Father-in-law did all of it with Hushby. I was more involve with the kitchen with Mom-in-law. The baseboard is all up as well. I can't believe the power of what an extra manpower can do to speed up the work. The baseboard only needs probably another day of touch ups and we can close the chapter on floors very soon! Pictures will be up next.

Meanwhile, we're getting ready to head up north to Yosemite this week, then to San Francisco. The idea of going there again after 2 years is very exciting. I can't wait to see and do what I'd missed the first time.

And here's some pictures to feast your eyes. That's us in Temecula, lunching at Ponte vineyard yesterday. The summer breeze and its fantastic food was my kind of Sunday.

Don't I just look so pregnant in this dress? GRRRr

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janediva said...

You did something to your hair? Going back to dark? Look so different now... in a good way :)