Floor Project Completed: Staircase & Baseboard

For 2 months, we climbed the two flight of stairs with designated slippers. The dust trapped in the old stair base was difficult to be swept up with the broom. Everywhere was dusty, including the Piper.

The credit goes to my Father-in-law (FIL) who worked on it for a week, laboriously after breakfast. He measured, sawed and nailed these wood after Yew Wai glued them when he return from work. FIL has given me a whole load of time to relax, and kept my nails clean. So I had to repay. We treated him with a good dinner, a good lunch and a drive through a scenic route that had him talking for days. :)

Shot 1: Down Stairs


Shot 2: Up Stairs


And this is the very last piece that is installed, that linked the downstairs to upstairs, that closed the chapter on hardwood floor. So I had to document it for the memorabilia.

The baseboard project was not an easy feat either but at least it wasn't as messy as the hardwood floor installation. The result of baseboard up in the wall really clean up the look and makes the whole house look complete. Once installed, it felt like we moved into a brand new house.


Floor Project DONE & HAPPY.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful photos! Love the last 2, nice :)


Jessie C said...

Thanks! Me too! :)