Downstair Floor Complete & Moved In

Jessie jots...

Exhausted! Dehydrated! and Overwhelmed! But phewww, it is all over now!

This was taken a day before we had to move in. So, that was the only space we had for doing anything on because the prohibitive grey area was sticky to touch.

However, despite the slacking progress, I am happy to announce, Yew Wai and I are now officially moved in! Stuff and cat is now successfully transferred and gotten acclimated into Seventy-Seven. Pip is adjusting well now after sleeping in with us, under our blanket. None of our furniture were scratched and the movers were extremely understanding and professional to our belongings. Packing our stuff took us more than 2 weeks but the actual moving process only took us 3.5 hours. After that though, we laid flat on the dirty bed without a bed sheet, without a shower and with Pipi the Poopertrator between my feet, we slept like a log. FYI, I never go to sleep without a shower but on that day, I fell asleep. I couldn't believe that was how tired I was!

We wanted the whole of first floor to be ready before the weekend ends for us to get some space to walk and work. Without doing so, we couldn't access the boxes that were snugged between other boxes and furniture that were sitting in the dining room.

Two days after we moved in, we met our goal. The irony is, after moving in, we felt more relax than we ever did in the past few months. It was more relaxing for us to stay and work in the house without having to rush back and forth to the old apartment. The almost-squarish living room was the last area we worked on and thankfully, it was the easiest and least time-consuming part of the entire floor. The kitchen was, hands down, the hardest one, especially having had to flush the wood up to the wall and arranging 6 feet long, 7 inch wide wood planks in small tight spaces is no easy feat. So, accuracy in measurement was crucial.

Anywayyy..... here's

BEFORE (day 1)

AFTER (day 18)

OK, the bulky fan is still there but what we did so far was, obviously, installed the wood floor, painted the wall, and changed the fireplace fixture from gold to silver... with a marker pen! LOL

When the wood floor was all complete, I mopped it with an oil-based wood cleaner that smells of lemongrass. It instantly brought me back to the day I was vacationing in Terengganu with my family, having my Balinese-type spa treatment and lying down on the kampung house wooden floor, smelling lemongrass oil all over my body. It is so wonderful to have that memory because it is an instant-relaxer! Then, I took a picture of the living room... only to realize, the sun beams radiating across the floor was such a beautiful sight! It is as if the sun rays brought in a choir of angels singing through the window "Done, done, done!"

Now we only need floor molding to line along the edges of the floor. Then, the outline would be seamless.

Yet to order it but we will be doing so. More work coming up!


Anonymous said...

Your timber floor is beautiful, just beautiful!


Jessie C said...

Thanks Ying San! We can't stop admiring it either!

Jen said...

Can't wait to see what other upgrades you do! I love it!