Kaiseki-Style Dinner for Two

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Apparently, we had two birthday celebrations, just because! LOL We work hard, and I guess we have to party hard too. And this is our version of 'party'... lame yeah? Well, age is catching up.

We frequent the Japanese restaurant, Kappo Hana at least once a month. We've even brought Joey and Jane there, and positive feedbacks were received. A family style restaurant, they are not a sushi restaurant and their specialty is Kamameshi, a hot pot rice cooked with assorted fish, chicken or mix seafood. But in my opinion, they have the best Bento Box and from a person who doesn't fancy fried food as much, the Tempuras are the best! Light and non-greasy yet crunchy to every bite!

This time, we didn't go there for the regular menu. Hushby made a reservation days ahead for the two of us. Arriving at the restaurant, we had no clue what is going to be served that night. All food is based on market availability and it is served course by course. Until we sat down at the table, we didn't know that there was 7 course altogether! The number seven again. Anyhoo, here's the menu and a sample of what bad typography is.


- Sesame Tofu
- Beef Spinach Roll
- Salmon
- Berry Sashimi Squid
- Sasage Bush Beans

- Tai Snapper, Tuna and Hiramasa

Broiled Dish
- Black Cod
- Chicken Roll
- Pickled Cauliflower
- Konyaku (Yam starch pudding with chilli powder)

Fried Dish
- Tai Head Fried

Stove Dish
- Black Pork Stewed with Daikon, Yam, Pumpkin and Carrot

- Eel Kamameshi Rice
- Miso Soup

- Soy Milk Pudding

Unlike the other times we dine there, this time the table arrangement is set beautifully with a red tray, blue sake glass and a special menu list that is only made for us, making me feel my birthday week is an extra special one.

When it first came out, only the Sesame Tofu was served and as you can see I already jump into it. I was already as happy as a clam. I didn't realized that the waitress was not done with serving the appetizer - a whole tray of stuff came out later. *shy* Clockwise from top, Beef Rolled Spinach, Sasage Bush Beans, Salmon and Berry Sashimi Squid. So fresh!

The snapper sashimi (white meat on left) was divine!! It was sooo sweet that the tuna taste like nothing afterward.

Clockwise from top, Broiled Black Cod, Picked Cauliflower, Konyaku and Chicken Roll. You gotta give credit to the Japanese for making art while they cook. It is their attention to detail and meticulous way of serving the dishes that is just so heavenly and graceful. Hence making every dishes as appetizing as they are.

This course is not for the faint of heart. I can hear my friend Steve yelling in my head "It's staring at me!" But nevermind him... for those of you who loves fish head like I do, it is my favorite part of the fish. You know what I'm talking about - soft, smooth and taste wonderful. Each of us get half of the fried snapper fish head and shoyu sauce on the side. After this course, I was 95% full.

And then when the stewed pot came, I was at 100%.

But being the hungry camper that he is, everytime... the pot is slurped clean.

And for the finale and it's like the chef is telling you "if you're not full yet....", the waitress came with the big, regular size of starchy Eel Kamameshi! I took a bite, and I know it taste really, really good. Words cannot describe it, people. We boxed it up for lunch and skip for dessert.

Now he's full. Must be all that slurping, sucking in too much air.

Isn't it awfully cute?! The Soy Milk Pudding is topped with a hint of strawberry sauce, a fresh cherry and some slices of kiwi. It's a nice finishing touch and nice tasteful way to close and sum up the six courses of flavorful dishes.

Even at 110% full, that I can finish. Oh, BTW, my hair all trimmed. No more shagged looking cow licks. Yey...

The waitress took a picture of us for the memorable dinner. The Kaiseki style dinner has won my heart and is officially in my top 5 list. Heck, its my number 1! For only 35 dollars per person, who can't afford to feel a little special from time to time? :) I HEART KAPPO HANA!!!

Thanks Hushby.

Thanks for reading folks.

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