Hawker food for a birthday girl

Jessie jots...

Ok somebody just turned 28 yesterday and.... it was moi! And I even had Char Koay Teow for breakfast! Delisioso! Brings back memories of me in Taiping :)

Had fun last night with none other than Hushby, of course... my only victim to anything I do. We went to Belacan Grill, a Malaysian restaurant, for some dearly missed hawker food! No one really dress up for hawker food except us. Hawker food back home is like street food, poor man's food... but to me, it is priceless, plus they make it so exotic and upscale here. We ordered 5 sticks of chicken satay, 5 sticks of lamb satay (with peanut sauce and all), Pasembur (salad with bean sprouts, jicama, boiled eggs and sweet potato gravy), one plate of Char Koay Teow (fried flat noodles), one plate of Hokkien Char Mee (Hokkien fried noodles), one glass of hot barley for her, one glass of soy milk with grass jelly for him and for dessert, pandan infused creme brulee (that time I didn't know the cake was coming after dinner). And we forgot the camera. Ugh! The bill came up to about 50 something dollars... not too bad for the US dining out standard but with that money back home, you can make a week's worth of trips to the hawker food center.

Why am I so excited you may ask? Coz I haven't had a birthday cake in 3 years. Have always celebrated it low key and it will get even more low key as the age adds up... I guess. Well just one of those thing Yew Wai and I had gotten use to living abroad. :)

Now that the street food fair celebration is over, I am reminded that the wood floor has finally arrived and we have to go back to being construction workers again! So exciting!!

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janediva said...

I remember the jacket! LF LF LF. Happy belated birthday :) By the way, the hard wood looks great. Can't wait to see the end result.