Back to school

Jessie jots...

The fever is gone, the sore throat has de-flamed and the runny nose has finally stop. It was one of the worst cold I've ever caught! Please do not be an idiot like me - I took Nyquil Plus Vitamin C without reading the side effects only to see the back of it after I swallowed two tablets. Then I had the worst diarrhea ever and made me sick-er than I already did. I just read that Nyquil Plus Vitamin C is actually not tested effective for cold and it is not proven to work or FDA-tested. It's said to have adverse effect on users and I can sure agree to that. Excuse me but I was shooting water!

I'm back to school today after five freaking days, and it is now taking me a while to jump start the engine and get my fuel running again. I hope nobody will avoid me because I look a little like the corpse bride.

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