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When people found out I am a graphic design student, they'd usually request to see my work. A few people actually asked if I have a blog. Because honesty is my second name, I said yes. However, little did I know, I was really quite embarrass to let them read Jessie Jots! I know some of you don't know me well either but you don't see me everyday... so I'm not that shy about it. lol But I certainly can't let my class's instructor reads it! Like you wouldn't with your boss or your hair stylist. I'd feel naked. So that's when it hit me... I've got to branch out and keep what's personal, personal.

I admit for the longest time, I wanted to start an art/design blog. Previously, I didn't have enough pieces to post, hence the long wait on branching out. I'm now more obligated than ever to start one and I have no excuse to procrastinate now since when my new and current Computer Imaging class requires all artwork to be uploaded online. I'm not all that excited about it yet coz' it's still work in progress. I will keep working on the site/page layout slowly but surely. We'll see where it flows.

The new branch has been launch with no cost and the name is Jessie Chiang Designs

That said, all design work will no longer be uploaded at Jessie Jots. This will purely be a place I want to keep my thoughts, keep my journal and keep in touch. Thanks for all your support :)

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