Down Time On My Own

Jessie jots...

How's 2010 feeling so far? I'm kinda loving it - no more gloomy, wet days for us... we're finally seeing some sun peeking out from the cloud and I get to play tennis more often now and shed off that layers of fat collected from chomping down on Christmas.

Are you curious what I'm doing now? If you are... read on.

I'm using this down time right now to do a lot of research on owning our first home. The first home buyers get a $8000 credit that expires by the end of April, so we are working really hard with a real estate agent right now to look around as much as we can before committing to one. At the mean time too, I'm looking and getting inspiration on what I can do to my future home from a fixer upper. For instance, below is really, one hell of a dream kitchen I'd go bananas for! So now, at least when I hunt for the dream house, I shall know the specific kitchen and plan layouts that has the best potential to be turned into something like this!

Other than that, I'm also using the down time to set up my portfolio. It's quite a chore to gather all that non-electronic projects into the computer. Some of the pieces really need a good scan for the details to show up. I hope I can get it done before returning to school next week.

And on other down times, I am playing the new fabulous Super Mario on Wii. As much as I want to complete the game, I'm often discourage from playing because it can be so, so difficult and so, so frustrating! I take my times off from it when I get frustrated and turn the Wii back on when all is forgotten until I remember how frustrating it is, again, to see the 1-ups green mushroom just glides to the drain and you can't do anything about it except to save your present life! Sooooo.... bloody....... hard......... but ya know, even after so many attempts, I am now in the 8th world, trying to finish the LAST enemy and hopefully be content with my accomplishment by the end of it!

Meanwhile, I may look into baking a cheese cake which I have yet to get my hands on since a tween. Will see how it turn out. Cheerios!

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