Christmas and A Happy New Year

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Tonight, I'm sitting in front of the TV, watching commercials and tv shows that is constantly reminding me that the new year is quickly approaching. Christmas is coming up in 40 minutes time. And it is so funny just how fast a year has gone by because it didn't feel we had Christmas that long ago.

This year, although the Christmas tree is up, there's only two presents under the tree. One for me and one for Hushby - yes, it is a lonely Christmas for us but we are taking the down time to fully relax and restore our energy from what was lost during high pressure time.

This year, we won't be cooking a traditional Christmas meal but a Chinese steam boat because it's easier, comforting and will last a few meals a day. This year, there will be no traveling nor welcoming guests. Instead we'll be taking this down time for house viewing for our possible first home purchase.

This year also, as much as I regretted it, I didn't have the chance to send out Christmas cards like I used to. School projects really took too much of my time but it really isn't a good excuse. I will try harder next time.

Having said that, allow me to take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take the Christmas time to appreciate your family and friends because as we all know, Christmas is nothing without them. Take this time to regenerate from the love you gather during Christmas. You need to have the confidence and the support to face what 2010 is going to bring us. Good luck, good health and good life for 2010.

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