We've Got A Good Thing Going

Jessie jots...

What? September already? And I was just getting use to end my dates with 2009.

I'm listening to musics from Michael Jackson now, and it's giving me goosebumps, especially his older songs like I Wanna Be Where You Are. What a mega-talent he was.

I'd just like to Rock With You guys, that I attended two of my classes (out of six) yesterday at LCAD (Laguna College of Arts and Design). My first class was Fundamentals of Maya and second Fundamental of Figure Drawing. The first class was highly technical that it drained me out a little, also partly because it ran for four hours. Being one of the few girls in class, among those PYT (Pretty Young Thing), I sat in a room filled with at least 20 geeky, fidgety zitty boys, all major in Animation. Am trying not to be intimidated here coz' I know they are talented and they all look like they belong in some Anime fan club community and I'm really an outcast of the group for looking so normal.

Then I drove down to the South Campus, at least a mile from the main campus for Figure Drawing class, which was really fun and it also went on for four hours. I get to see some naked body parts which wasn't my favorite part but I understand it's for academic reason. So I'm trying to avoid looking uncomfortable (again) when he's so comfortable up there, posing away for minutes... however, it's only Human Nature to feel shy, eh?

Finally, my blog is back to where it was intended to be - experimentation with art done by me. After one year, it sure feels rusty. I'm trying to Remember The Time when I was being innovative so that I'll get inspired from every single thing I see, hear and feel. Listening to songs from Michael Jackson of the 80s help a ton. Get me all wound up now and Wanna Be Starting Something with my first assignment of Fall 2009.

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough. Thanks for returning to Jessie Jots.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that u're getting your artsy groove back! Remember to post your work up, share 'em with us!


zleenz said...

Hehe... :P Back to campus! Eh, nanti must put all the end results here ya for our viewing pleasure ;-)