New addition to the Chiang family

Jessie jots...

As many of you already know from Facebook picture albums and my countless annoying comments over my youngest sister, Siew's wedding, yup... she is married, happily married and I'm so sad I can't be there at her wedding, toasting and be present for them. Abroad, I now welcome a new brother-in-law who is tall, fair and handsome. And soon in December, a niece whom I will love and spoil without having to worry about the outcomes of my actions. LOL

I just bought a 10 000+ baby names book at Barnes and Nobles, and I think I'm already obsessing about being an aunt. Crazy huh? I guess being so far away has it effects.

Congratulations to Siew and Jin. May you both be blessed with happiness and love. We will celebrate when I come back and hopefully that will be soon.


tjey said...

Congrats!How exciting!, a little one!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Siew & Jin, and the soon-to-be Aunt Jessie!