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Jessie jots...

Here I am, just finish my 4 hours Graphic Design class on a hot day, walking out of class and about to get the car when a random student told me "There's a couple more hot dogs, if you wanna go grab some for lunch..." OH! OK thanks for letting me know. I made a U-turn and look out for the grill.

At 2pm, my stomach is growling and because I have to drive half an hour to get home to reheat leftover pasta for lunch, I took a look at the burning grill and couldn't resist grabbing the bun, which I then place a warm hot dog onto it. On the side, I grabbed a small bag of chips and a can of Coke, breaking the rule of Just Water after meal.

I drove out of campus after that. One thing you have to know about the Laguna area... it is the most forgiving place for half-naked people. You can be in a grocery store, deciding if you need to have pasta sauce for the pantry, and you turn over, you see a bikini-clad beach girls prancing across the supermarket aisle like she's on a ballet show. So it is not unusual and it is easy to spend your day just eye-candying at super fit people.

So I drove out towards the water to get on the Pacific Coast Highway and this tall guy walked on the street and guess what, he has this amazing, set of shiny abs of steel! Man!!! That definition on his lower chest, his golden tan and that glistening effect... damn! I'm not falling in love with him, mind you, I'm honest and loyal, but I love that muscle!

I have to you the truth, I obsess about being really fit. I treat my body like a temple, I take care of it, keep it clean inside out and I have strong admiration to people who has the discipline and determination to be so fit, they don't even have an ounce of fat between their skin. I secretly wanted that ideal, chiseled body... but it's expensive and time consuming to maintain a body like that. So I gawk at these proud half-naked people for my own pleasure, hoping some day, I will earn em' MUSKLE.

I said to myself while driving, look at you men, how it is so easy for you guys to get so ripped, with so little exercise. When women like us work for years to earn that svelte body shape?

All that, while munching chips and drinking my can of Coke.

DUH.... and I ask myself why.


Zue Murphy said...

LOL! Hey a free hot dog will not harm you. I like this post. You make me awake from the sleepy land. You are funny.

Jessie C said...

Hi Zue Murphy, glad I can do that hehe! The hot dog is harmful because I actually went home and reheat that pasta.