I will miss you all

Jessie jots...

Thanks to everyone who has put in so much effort to welcome me in this trip back.... special thanks to those who had keep me safe, who had treated me for dinners and who had entertained me all the while I was back, I owe you tons. You guys have no idea how thankful I feel for all the wonderful Malaysian hospitality. It cannot be put into words. Thank you so much to (in no particular order):

My family
Tham family
Su Ying
Kok Khai and family
Shuh Jiuan and family
Yee Hoay
Lorraine Wong
Yin Jian
Victor Yee
Molly Tan
Joie Lim
Wei Jin and family
Uncle and Auntie Oliver
Hui Hui
Justin Khoo

Am leaving in 6 hours time. Time flies, I know. I'm getting a lil antsy and I hope the flight will be pleasant. Before I leave, I'm quite desperate to take it all in before I forget how it used to look like. So allow me to take breathe in all that humid air, the smell of my home, the taste of the water, the look of my cat and some recollection of the reunions with people I treasure... then only I will be ready to walk down that departure hall and bid farewell with a group of teary eye families. I will miss this place dearly but I have to go back, my husband is awaiting. So is California.

Thanks for making my vacation a memorable one. I will miss you all dearly.


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tjey said...

have a safe trip, love!