Jessie jots...

Gosh, something's stinking isn't it? Is it the... ew!

Things is quickly slowing down. I'm not getting bored just yet though part of me still crave for Mom&Dad's attention. So I was suppose to get up early and start doing laundry that was put away a week ago but I just can't.

However, I'm all determine to get it done pretty soon (I hope!) but my very tired body is getting the best of me. I salute with admiration to you air stewardess and air steward and you handsome pilots! I wonder how you guys manage it and stay so good looking? I've succumbed to sleepiness during the day for almost a week when it should have been overcome by now. I'm so, so so sosososoooooo sleepy even while typing this... that I could just walk to that couch and raise a white flag to my inviting pillows.

Oh no, I'm not letting you win this time. Yes you're white, clean and fluffy... and soft, and cuddly BUT NOPE! You quit persuading me coz' I ain't going to fall in the trap... again!

On the other hand, you laundry baskets, I know you guys stink but hang in there. As soon as is it possible... I will... walk you... down the stairs... and go to the.... laundry room... before I...


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