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I'm suppose to update more food pictures of Taiping, Malacca and KL but... honestly speaking, I'm quite lazy to upload pictures here on blogspot.com nowadays. There has been too many error messages and down time moments, I am giving up... this week only. No fret.

Anyway, I'd just like to update you all on what's new with me. Little did I realized, I did so much since I came back to Cali... and it was only 3 weeks. So what happened?
  • I picked up tennis after discovering we have a tennis court here in the compound. I wanted to learn tennis since little, so it was a dream come true to play with the champ himself. Poor Hushby was steer left and right for my aimless returns. It was so much fun though, I couldn't even be bothered with the blister. Can't wait to do it again!

  • Since I got back, my jeans and tops doesn't look that snug anymore. I think it's a combination of more walking and less carbs that helps with the losing weight process. Before that, nothing fits and you know why. LOL
  • Started meditation, practised for 30 mins about two to three times a week. It had help with my back pain and migrane tremendously.
  • Been juicing a lot too lately. Juice of the week, papaya with soymilk. So delish! Another is celery with apple. Just refreshing! It's said to help with lower down cholesterol and high blood pressure. My folks are doing it and it seems to work. I just drink it coz I love the taste. :) And a good way to use up my celery bunch too. Hehe

  • After all that whining to part ways with Window, I've finally converted to a Mac... yup, now I see why all the madness with Mac items and the wonders of what it can do. So now I'm all prepped with Mac's gear, and a free iPod touch, the reason? For back-to-school occasion this August 31st. Just missing a laptop bag, otherwise, I'm all good to go.
  • After a few occasion at theme parks since last year, I'm now proud to say, I've conquered and overcome my fear of heights! I have learned to go on rides that I used to be scared of and I've been on ferris wheel for the umpteenth time now and have learned to find joy in letting loose. Yey... *Pat myself in the back* That's me and sweet sixteen year-old Ashley on the way to Journey to Atlantis ride at Seaworld. The ride may not look like a big deal to you, but with that biggest dip, my soul actually left my body and still lingers on top of that tower. Still, it was awesome!

  • Just got back from another vacation. I've been down with the travel bug. I was invited by our guests from Vancouver to visit San Diego with them... and also to help them navigate. How can I forgo the opportunity to stay in the regal Sheraton Suite Hotel and see Shamu the killer whale perform at Seaworld? Quite tiring actually to have been out and about after a series of jetlag week. Nevertheless, it was fun despite being burn... a punishment for forgetting my SPF protection. See the mark on my chest?

  • Been shopping a bit too much lately. Actually, the Thamsters were to blame. I was just accompanying them, bringing them to a few my favorite places to shop but I ended up carrying more paperbags than they did, mom and daughter combined. With so many summer sales going on, I can't help it! At first, I started buying lots of basics, which I realized, I don't have that many to build my blocks with. So I got the black and grey tops, the nude sandals, the basic bra colors. I comfort myself, they will last for a long time. Then because I was bored waiting for the Thams at the changing room, I browse somemore and ended up with more paperbags. Yup, I bought more, adding to my collection is a bunch of crazy weird colors like coral/peach tops, bright green skirt, bright orange pants, neon yellow bra... I know, the latter wasn't that necessary but its pretty.

  • Because of that reason, I enjoy dressing up lately. Summer this year is very forgiving to us fashion lovers who love layering... windy days can be cooling, though the sun is warm to the skin. Another great way to protect the skin and still look good, right? Forgive the photographer for the last pic, he was probably shivering.

  • I'm so excited to learn a few friends are coming to visit. A few from the group is Vanessa who has finally made plans to visit me this Thanksgiving, I'm so excited!! And Jane, where are you? I don't know but anytime you're in the US territory, I'm all ready to give you the biggest CNY feast eva! Oh and Thanksgiving bird feast for you too Vanessa. :)

  • I'm getting all psych up for the upcoming orientation this Wednesday. And there's a welcoming party (I can't believe the college make us go for a party) this Thursday night. I don't know what to wear and I don't know how to react to kids who are going to be at least 5 to 10 years younger than me. God I feel so old... however it is, I will remain calm and quiet... until someone approaches me and then I will speak. Yes, I'm a dork like that.

Wish me luck that I won't be getting stares from young hippy Mac babies who might think I belong to their mom's generation. And that I will excel in future classes... And do well interacting with my future classmates and find opportunities to create beautiful things others will appreciate. Sigh... I'm such a worry wart.

I will find time to upload the food pics tomorrow. Pinky promise!

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Jen Wahl said...

Welcome to the Mac world!! You will LOVE it!! I am excited to hear about your adventures in school! Don't let the young pups get to you, you are a mature hip woman!! :)