Pi's New Sista, Pupu?

Jessie jots...

I've been eyeing on this adorable wrinkly dog for days now... and that poor owner of hers has no bloody idea he has a stalker who lives just a few apartments away. If nobody look, I would steal that dog in a heartbeat... look at her! Peeing... so neat. lol Yes I'm obsess.

"Play wif me?"
"Wait, me need ciggie."

"Ugh I hate him..."


MAMA will play with you... and give you love, and attention, and even give you a new playmate named Pi!


zleenz said...

alamak, but i takut Pipi kena buli... hmmm but kan.. mana tau mcm garfield kan.. the cat bullies da dog... ayya.. why am i so negative... they may be living in peace n harmony after all... hehe... haha.. btw.. the dog sangat kiut lah.. wrinkled mcm icon michellin tyre .. ahaks

Jessie C said...

actually i think miss pi is very likely to bully this poor dog. ah pi is very bossy and independent, so i don't think any other dogs can compete. maybe another cat will. lol

Charlotte said...

Bulldogs are SO cute... the only thing cuter is pugs... or BABY BULLDOGS! He's just so wrinkly, I want to give him a big squeeze. I will co-stalk with you!