A Bride's Wedding Planner (P.2)

2 months ahead:

  • Honeymoon accomodation - check
  • Guests accomodations and guests seating placement - check

  • Set up wedding itinearies for your wedding dates. Example: Feb 2nd: 5am make up, 6am breakfast, 8am groom arrive.
  • Have a casual dress and comfortable heels for in between wedding events. Even though you have already step out of your beautiful bride gown, you still need to look your best in between and it is important that you dress that way so that you don't want to look at the pictures 20 years later and say "What was I thinking?!".
  • Plan Bachelorette Night's items: list of foods, number of seats, attendance and names. Start delegating jobs to your close friends by now, so that they know what to expect for your special day. Delegate tasks to as many friends as possible, in purpose to spread our responsibilities so that a person is not bog down with so much to do that they can't enjoy your special day with you.
  • Your man's outfit. Shoes, shirt, tie, slacks - check
  • Find an umbrella and/or chinese fans for your bridesmaids to give you shade and comfort during the wedding

  • Get an Ang Pow box for reception, DIY with nice present boxes, wrap with matching colors and ribbons. Poke a rectangular hole in the middle and assigned the box to one of your bridesmaid to take care of it because it is full of money and you need your peace of mind to where it belongs - the safe box.

  • Get a box for your future jewelries (KAM HEI) and again, someone has to take care of this. Never, never leave it in the house especially when everyone leave for the reception! Goes to the safe box.
  • a Guest book
  • Find an ang pow handbag for one bridesmaid to carry, so that you can give ang pows during tea ceremony or when someone gets the car door for you. Of course, pack your ang pow ahead of time too with reasonable amount like 7, 8 or 9.
  • Second Body Rejuvenation - Steam bath/Body Exfoliation/Body Wrap/Massage
  • Second Rejuvenation Facial

1 month ahead:

  • Manicure/Pedicure (1 wk prior) Don't wash plate or deal with any soapy water from this onwards... your sisters/fiance would have to do them now.

  • Guest attendance confirmation/RSVP check if you have arranged seats. Make sure you have at least 10 seats extra for unexpected guests.
  • Prepare for pre-wedding photoshoot such as dress/nails/hair/makeup.Confirm your own transportation - either to a make up place with a friend or to the reception with the groom.
  • Hair Color, highlight and hair trimming, do this at least 3 weeks ahead. You want the color to settle and wash out a little.
  • Last wedding gown fitting. You may need alteration after all that crazy run arounds. Get a fitting bra and panties for the wedding dress. Try it with your wedding dress ahead of time. You don't want to be seen pulling and tugging your bra.
  • Confirm where to meet wedding-day Photographer and check if everything alright with itineary.

  • Confirm Makeup artist/hairstylist appointment if you have any.
  • Shop for bride's room bedsheets, decoration items and arrange them -Chinese tradition like using ribbons to wrap make up items on the dressing table, or place fun, feminine decoration items on the wall/door. If you can, replace the curtains... you'll thank me. It'll show up in pictures!

  • Last Rejuvenating Facial (3 or 2 weeks ahead). Only light extraction if you must. Go all out on this last one!
  • Last Rejuvenation SPA session, be it Body Wrap/Scrub/Steam bath. IF you can't afford it by now, get a body scrub and DIY with sugar and honey.
  • Pack your honeymoon clothes in the bag (2 days ahead)

If you're wondering how in the world I have the right mind to plan this way, that's because I've been a program planner for a bit and I know how it feels to run big events like weddings. It can be very overwhelming and stressful... you might not get your shut eyes days before. I know I did and I certainly hope that no one else is like me. But for sure, do use this wedding plan as a guide, make it your own and please let me know if my list has help or fail you in any way.

I'm only happy to share.

P/S: I apologize for not putting this up earlier for you girls who we were going to have your wedding around this time. I'd just discovered my organizer, which was buried in some box when we moved and had forgotten about it. Blame it on moving stress please? :)

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