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Jessie jots...

Well, well, well, finally I've been tagged. Have fun reading.

1. Do you think you're hot?
I'm warm blooded... I'd be dead if I'm not.

2. Upload your favourite picture of you...

3. Why do like that picture?

Actually I have a trilion pictures I like and they are not with me. But this one is one of the best I can find in my hard disk. I like this picture because it was the most celebrated birthday party I've ever had. Here I was five years old and remember loving that dress to death. My sister also has one in pink and I always love blue because I hated to be girly. I wanted so bad to be independent but I remember being incapable of doing many things... look that even my Dad has to help me cut the cake! I like how there is so many kind of different food prepared by people who really love and care for me. My beloved grandma is one strong woman and she would cook so much food everytime our family is around. All I care was just the food at that time, I didn't even care about the presents stacked beside me. It was my life as its best, when my only worries was if I get to sleep late and watch cartoon tonight, when I'm light enough that Dad can carry me if I get tired to walk and when the food shove into my mouth was nowhere to making me go fat.

4. When is your last time you ate pizza?

Coincidently, I just had it three days ago (Saturday) at Balboa Island in an Italian restaurant after a long time being in a diet. It was made with sausage, pepperoni and pancetta. It wasn't my order, it was Hushby's. I had pasta but as usual, I usually dig into other people's food just to taste.

5. The last song you listened to...
Maybe it was some song from my blog's playlist.

6. What are you doing right now beside this?
Digging my nose? haha of course not, my fingers are completely occupied typing this post. And I'm thinking if anyone would be interested to read this.

7. What name do you prefer besides yours?
That's tough. I had a bunch and gone through phases. When I was a teenager, I like Gwendolyn, Tina and Jennifer. Then I like Nikki, but it sounded like I am dancer with a size zero. So, I don't know anymore.

People I Tag Randomly:
Lorraine, Shuh Jiuan, Ying San, Charlotte, Wei Ling aka Joei

8. Who is number one?
Lorraine was a childhood friend I knew from Subang Jaya when I was nine years old. We were classmates for about a year and half and during that time, I found out that she live close by. I would cycle to her home almost everyday and we would talk, sing songs, paint and just cycle around somemore to other places. Lorraine is now recently married and will be coming to the US where her husband is based. I'm excited for this great opportunity that we certainly stand a chance to meet again after all these years of not seeing each other.

9. Number three is having relationship with?
With another oyster whom she met in an oyster bar.

10. Say something about number five?
Wei Ling is one determine woman. Never fail to pester me to be her big sister, which I didn't really understood why she wanted it in the first place... and was hopeful that I would marry her then very unattached brother one day, whom she recommended was tall, dark and handsome. It turns out, she was right but I wasn't interested. Wei Ling is a sweet girl with a great personality. Her presence brings cheerful vibe to people surrounding her.

11. How about number four?
Charlotte and I get to know each other the first day we got hired in Target. When we first talk, I thought she was very sweet (still is!), very authentic, reliable, intelligent, witty and extremely caring. We befriended and it felt like she was a long lost friend I never met for many years. An old school at heart, Charlotte is very much like me... a hopeless romantic, frugal but find thrills in splurging on the cutest pair of shoes or purse and hold friends close to our hearts.

12. Who is number two?
Ng Shuh Jiuan is an ex-high school friend who turned out to be a hot diva, owns a high-traffic blog and is transitioning from an engineering background to fashion design. We were never close in high school because she was in another class. Back then, when Shuh Jiuan and I ever converse was when she had to warn me or obstruct my time with food. She was a very discipline school prefect and I was a rebel. I used to take longer time to eat than my peers because of the huge portion and sometimes I go for second. Then our strict prefect would tell me to quickly finish my food when recess time is almost over. And then we have to attend assembly, necessary for us to go back into class. I never understood why we had to do that when we could just walk into class. So I didn't really care what she had to say to me but since she was so nice, I obeyed. She has only warned me but never really took any action. I wore the scrunchie to very last day of school even after Shuh Jiuan has repeatedly told me to not wear it because it was not white. I like her just that, and because of that fun memories and history behind, we stayed in touch after high school. It has been a fun ride since.


Anonymous said...

With another oyster whom she met in an oyster bar, LOL! nice one.. ahahaha..

Sorry haven't been updating my blog of late, been so busy.. good news is dat i finally passed today's refurbishment project, and i have structural exam on thursday.. wish me luck!!


Charlotte said...

Jessie you are too sweet!!!! It made me tear up a little. You are a good friend & I'm glad we met!

Jessie C said...

San, ya you should update soon. I'm getting a lil disconnected from my favorite oyster!

Charlotte, aww :) Thanks.