Charlotte's Wedding Card

Jessie jots...

The much awaited wedding cards! They turned out as what I envisioned them to be.

Long after we proofread the cards, Hushby forgot to tell me something interesting. He said the couple who stood next to us, saw my card after looking through gigantic books of pre-made cards, claimed our cards were "so pretty!" They went on to ask the print lady where they can find the card in the book.

Was I flattered!?

Now I hope that was true though... hope Hushby is not making it up.

I'm so glad I took up this assignment for myself and couldn't be more appreciative that Charlotte is such a great person to work with. Calm, affectionate and thoughtful is what I hope every bride-to-be is! If only I can possess half of her positive demeanor.

If not for her, the cards wouldn't have look pulled together and I just can't thank her enough for letting me design them. Thanks Charlotte :)

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Charlotte said...

Oh, you are SO sweet!!!!! You know how much Glen and I love the invitations. Your artistry and great design really show through. By the way, my goal is to mail them this week... I hope it happens!

The wedding is only 11 weeks away, can you believe it???