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I'm so happy and overjoyed with my friend Shuh Jiuan's marriage last weekend. It must have been a joyous occasion, full of laughter and love. And all the wonderful people who surrounded her with so much love and care, and not to mention, all that ex-high school friends who all of us treasure... must have made Jane and James the happiest that they can be. And of course, being one of those people who knew about how James and Jane met during their university days, made it even more meaningful when I got to know they were getting married. :)

Picture courtesy of Ai Nam. Sorry I had to steal this from you, Ai Nam. I'll get you a cup of coffee or pay you for Yoga ;)

Evidently as someone has told me, if you have read any of my comments on Facebook or even from writing here, you probably can sense how excited and envious I am. It's so obvious, it's ridiculous. Being half way across the globe, Yew Wai and I do feel left out from time to time when friends meet up for reunion, friends have babies and especially when friends get married... it's so sad when we get invited and can't be there. People should just not invite us next time. That way we can't be sorry about not attending... haha.

But whenever time and money allow us, we would grab that chance to return home and be with familiar people and surrounding. We crave for the feeling, it's so bad... I guess you call it homesick!

Which brings me to my impending announcement, not like it's anything huge but I figure if I do, then I would not miss anyone out. Cathay Pacific is going to fly me to Penang soon! WOO HOO

15MAR SU LAX HKG HK1 105A 730A(16MAR)
16MAR MO HKG PEN HK1 300P 640P

Because of this itineary, I don't feel so leftout anymore. We've finally going home to pay a visit, gosh, finally! I am going to see my family in the comfort of our own home, in my own little place where I grew up, speak in Manglish (Malaysian + English) all I want and be as silly as I can. It has been two years since I've been back, so please forgive my over-excitedness... if there's a word like this.

For you concern pet lovers alike, yes, I will miss Pipi dearly. She will be staying here with Hushby for a while until I return in June. Hushby will take a good care of her, bath her and feed her. She's happiest when she's at home with overflowing cat food and a couch to sleep on. So don't worry.

There ya go, I am really looking forward to my holiday! And definitely looking forward to see all of you in Malaysia! :)

And Jane, I will cry with you if you ever get teary over James' speech again and if Azleena's not available to join the 'kecoh', I'll be there!


azleena said...

yeehhuu... so ull be around for joo's wedding.. kumpul n stock all the noise back here ok... hihihihi

~ WEiLinG ~ said...

joo??? as in keat joo?