New look

Jessie jots...

Hellowww visitorss... just like when we needed a bath and put new cloths on, my blog needs one too.

So here, giving the blog a new look. Hope you all will like it. :)


azleena said...

Wow.. make over, me like :-D i always love white-ish backgrounds... but i kinda miss the banner u had (the girl on a classic bicycle) hehehhee.. ouh and pipi... cute sangat! yingsan has obsession over trees and u over Pipi... and they never bore me :D *pom pom*

Anonymous said...

hey.. i thought i stopped by the wrong blog, haha.. yeah its clean cut and nice, but i couldn't figure out that it was your hand with a pencil/pen on the masthead/banner.. i thought it was a dinasour eating something the first 2 seconds.. lol.. sorry.. letih from whole day of class.