Meet a new Tham

Jessie jots...

I'm a first time mommy and I'm nervous. However, I'm also as thrill and excited as we bring home our newwww little kitty. Hopefully she will soon be comfortable in her new environment and be a happy pussy cat as she can be.

Please welcome... Pipi Tham!

Meowwww! That's me saying Hello! Mommy said I should say something to the 'clan'.

My new mommy just named me Pipi. A few times, daddy calls me Momo. I don't think they make up their mind yet. I'm from Riverside, CA from a good background of Persian parents. My biological mommy is cream color and my biological daddy is light grey. I probably got my dark grey fur from my grandparents but I have never met them. Mommy loves me the first time she saw me... of course, I'm the prettiest of the litter.

As soon as mommy carried me, she took me into a giant four wheel machine. Then, the thing started moving. It was a long one hour and half bumpy ride home... so exhausting! How did they stand it?

Mommy welcomed me into her lovely apartment and made a nice basket with towel lining for me to sleep in. I quickly fell asleep, it was too comfortable. Then I woke up a few hours later to have my munchies, explored the other rooms and went back to sleep. Mommy says I sleep all the time... but that is my favorite hobby!

Ooo.... Daddy has got a nice spot for me to sleep.

Daddy said his right arm is getting numb but I'm tired! Please let me.

Til then, sleep tight! Zzzz


Anonymous said...

oh Pipi/Momo is sooooooo cute!!!

hugs from malaysia for pipi/momo, and errr.. maybe hugs for the caretakers as well.. kekekeke! just kidding!


janediva said...

Name her mopi(furry nose) lah... hybrid of pipi and momo.

Jessie C said...

Hehe Thanks for all the love! :) We are definitely calling her Pipi now. She's responding well to the name.

Charlotte said...

I AM OVERWHELMED BY CUTENESS!! I will totally show Glen the photos as well!!

azleena said...