The commotion is over

Jessie jots...

As soon as I woke up this morning, I felt a strong urge to jot this space more than I'm urge to brush my teeth. I'm embarass how Jessie Jots has been abandon for quite some time. But I promise I will persist to jot from today onwards.

Testing out the cold water at San Clemente.

Four weeks zoomed by so fast. Before you know it, my in-laws just called us that they've arrived KL yesterday. They came to OC on August 10th, just as soon as I got all my furnitures arranged and household chores done. It was a four-week of vacation full of fun activities and many fond memories. I've never been to so many places in one summer. I felt Hushby and I were on a never-ending vacation since North Shore and San Francisco. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!

At Laguna Beach. Joey trying to adjust her bikini top after stumbling with a big wave.

On the memorable gondola with our host Pepi who sings until our heart melt

In front of the Venetian Hotel


Seeing Mickey was worth the long wait!

Standing on the famous hand prints in Hollywood

Only posing with Dolly Parton for my sister.

Admiring the Spanish influence architecture in Balboa Park, San Diego

A catholic church, looked a little gothic. I love harassing him.

Honestly, I haven't felt more home sick than ever. I grew up in a household of women and one male who squeals and yell all the time. Yes, all the time. I am used to noises of my sisters quarreling if musang is a racoon or racoon is a musang, which I think will never come to a conclusive end. While my mother busy preparing for lunch or dinner with the wok sizzle over the kitchen and her chopping meat like butcher, which to my ears, are as soothing as the birds chirping in the morning. Then, as soon as dad drive into the porch after work, you can hear him yelling "HELLOOooo" even before he key into the door. At night when the ladies had a little too much to talk and a little too much to laugh, dad would yell from upstairs "HEY! Your neighbors need to sleep!" or sometimes, a little harsher "HEY! Conference ah?!"

For many years, I can't point out what I really miss about home but I guess that was it. So for the past four weeks, the once quiet, no activity two-bedroom apartment was suddenly congested with harmonious noise of familiar people chattering in our chinese dialects. One morning I woke up and found myself enjoying the sound of the wok scratching the stove as someone cooks. Then, the long forgotten wonderful aroma of Malaysian home cook food, and the smell of kopi (coffee) in the morning lingered in my Southern California apartment. It was so so cosy and heartwarming.

At first having so many people over was hard to get used to. I got less sleep and not much rest. I've been used to living alone and does everything by myself. So no more the alone time on the computer or no more walking around naked after bath (when I'm in a hurry). I definitely felt quite restricted but soon after I got used to it. Now that they are gone, I'm not used to being alone (pulak!).

Then, a best friend of Hushby also came to visit last weekend. He sent us a message saying he will be arriving in two days time. I didn't even realize how much stress that would add to me or my in-laws who were leaving in four days. And before I had time to react, that added more stress to the already tired body of mine. But because he said his fleet will be discontinuing the route from Singapore to LA due to a problem within Singapore Airlines and how we all know it would probably be his last time visiting LA, we felt more obliged to show him around.

As a pilot with not much time to stay in a place for long, he hadn't been around LA much. I just wish he'd come at a different time. However, even with so much commotion going on, we still manage to catch up at a nearby Mexican restaurant in which he was greatly impressed with its fine dining style but trust me, it's not when you're still clad in your bikini and beach dress. The last time we saw him was on my wedding reception night in July 07 and it was really strange to see a familiar face you once knew from far away, suddenly sitting in front of you in disbelief if he was real (if you get what I mean!). It is as if we associate his face with being in a setting we only used to see him at.

So yeah, it was like Malaysian galore in the American land for a while. Life is so full of surprises. I don't even have time to digest.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Great pics, I'm sure you guys had loads of fun, especially at laguna beach ;)


Jo said...

joey adjusting her bikini!! hahahahaa ehhh geram nia..
u in the same picture like beaver like that haha and the one where u're admiring the spanish architecture..omg like mummy hehehee

Jessie C said...

Ya I do kinda look like a beaver! HAHAHAHA goodness... so funny. Like mummy? Scary... sometimes like Papa but somemore like Mummy... weird.